Champion exclusively at Profit Partners

The tournament with a prizepool of $ 15 000 is comming soon

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Online casino "Champion" invests in an affiliate program and places an exclusive offer in Profit Partners

1 Jun 2021

Dear partners,

The Champion project team informs about the decision to invest in the Profit Partners affiliate program and placing an exclusive offer with us. Also, the online casino is starting the process of terminating cooperation with other affiliate programs. This step is due to the growth of the project and the desire to improve relationships for communication with partners.

The individual conditions of the relationship with each partner will be preserved. If you would like to revise them, then contact the Profit Partners manager - we are flexible and open to dialogue.

All the "Champion" players whom you have attracted in the framework of cooperation with other affiliate programs will remain with you. It's just that from July 1, 2021, statistics on them will be kept only in Profit Partners. If you don't have an account yet, then register it. There may be a temporary lack of access to the history of player statistics until 01.07.20201, but we are working on its restoration and will notify you when access will appear.

For the whole system to work smoothly, we ask you to create new referral links with the Champion casino offers in Profit Partners and update them on your resources by June 30, 2021.

Exclusive conditions of the online casino "Champion" in Profit Partners:

1.Revenue Share Formula:

Partner income = (Net Gaming × (100% - game providers royalty *) - Casino Promo - (Player deposits + Player payments) × commission of payment systems **) × 25% ... 60%



Standard Revenue Share ladder in Profit Partners:

1st deposits* % for new players** Standard income % 
0-7 60% 25%
8-15 60% 30%
16-25 60% 35%
26-50 60% 40%
51+ 60% 45%

For more details on the terms of our commissions, you can find here.
60% for the first 30 days from the date of player registration.

2. The minimum payment is $ 20.
3. Payments twice a month in $ to Capitalist, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin (minimum payment $ 150), Bank account (from $ 2 000 and you need to conclude an agreement with our legal entity).
4. Bring friends and acquaintances to our Affiliate Program and constantly earn 5% from referral income.

Do you have any questions / suggestions / other? We will be happy to discuss.

Yours faithfully,
Profit partners team.

Champion exclusively at Profit Partners

The tournament with a prizepool of $ 15 000 is comming soon

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